2008 four CD set, the latest installment in the Fever collection which continues its musical journey into sounds and cultures and takes you to a Balkan music tour. Bewitched rhythms, gifted musicians and singers, mixed genres and generations are all at the rendezvous of this unique project. On Balkan Fever, traditional music and timeless Balkan tunes mix together with current sounds (Rock, Hip Hop, Electronica, Reggae, Dub, etc. ) and give birth to a booming marriage. It is the musical sensation of the moment and Balkan Fever gives a broad overview of this new trend. Pioneers of this scene (Esma Redzepova, Taraf de Haïdouks, Gogol Bordello, Makala Rai Banda) meet the new generation that renews and revolutionizes the rhythms of centenarians Balkans (Balkan Beat Box, Shantel, Besh O Drom, Bucovina Club .. .). 60 tracks.