After the excellent feedback given by critics, audience and dancefloors to the first volume of Balkanica!, the second chapter of the this 16 tracks rhythmical – emotional saga shows two aspects of the evolution of the Iron Curtain Sound in Western music clubs . On one hand, the scene has matured, moving from a test phase to a consolidation of its codes, constantly exceeding its limits. Second, the Balkan seed is also bearing fruit in unexpected corners of the world, turning what was just a sound in a spirit, a presence that can cross-talk with DJs, bands and singers from all over the planet and any cultural and musical background.

That is why this record project can sound at the same time extremely varied and versatile, yet very consistent in conceptual and emotional terms . From the Occitan world of Lou Dalfin to the denied orthodoxy of Balkan Beat Box, from the solutions at the edge of combat rock of Figli Di Madre Ignota to the swing sensations of Emperor Gypsy, from the vocational street sound of Bandakadabra to the migrant destiny of Opa Cupa; filtered through the passion and experience of Feel Good Productions and by other digital accomplices the like of Ahilea, Dusty, Dr Cat, Pavor Stelar, DJ Pony and Stefano Miele, the world of Balkanica! V2 moves perfectly balanced between past and future, Eastern Europe and global freedom of action without a passport.