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Sun, sea, abandoned fort and beautiful, beautiful people… Join the ride and discover the world of music lovers, dancers, painters, dj’s, acrobats, gypsters, clowns, makers, vagabonds, musicians or pirates in a spectacular fort built more than 150 years ago. For the third time, the Goulash family is joining forces to make happen a week that nobody will ever forget, as the combination of positive music, virgin nature and beautiful people proves to be truly magical.

♥ Official 2014 aftermovie ♥


♥ Line-up ♥

Expect world infused and positive music styles : Tropical, Digital Grooves, Gypsydelic, Swing Folk, Gypsy Punk, Brass&Bass, Cumbia Core, Russian Disco, Balkan Beats, Latin Funk, Ska Hop, Oriental Deep… and anything in between.
Line-up (work in progress!) : http://on.fb.me/1EyT2Hu
Gypsy Disco (UK) , Nickodemus (US), Palenke Soultribe (US), Okapi (IT), Rags Rudi (UK), Dubtendo (UK), Khalil (CAN), Worldly Savages (SER), Timboletti (DE), Fokus (SER), El Gadze (PT), Arythmia Groove (IT), Tannu Tuwa (HR), Manushka (UK), Dephicit & Summer Bright (UK), Mortisville (OZ), Jeboton (HR), OcAyunt (UK),…

♥ Tickets ♥


♥ Getting there ♥

The closest airport is Pula, with low costs companies Ryan Air, Aer Lingus,Jet2.com, German Wings, etc. If you don’t find a straight flight to Pula, you may get lucky with nearby airports of Rijeka (100 km), Trieste (120 km), Ljubljana (200km) and Treviso (270 km). All have low cost airlines too. Common practice is to rent a car with friends from those airports to get to Pula. Otherwise, buses will help you.

♥ Want to perform at the fest? ♥


For more information check out our Facebook page Goulash Disko or get in touch with us at goulashdisko@gmail.com.


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