Kosta Kostov's KOSTBAR

A meeting with DJ Kosta Kostov, Figli di Madre Ignota acoustic live music, Iasko cooking, songs and talking about music and food.
There is lot to tell about Kosta, a wonderful man we meet time ago on our first Koln appearance at Stadtgarten, there were the years of Kompott Parties, and everybody went really wild. Then we met again, Stadtgarten, Sziget, Funkaus Europa, the usual casual “stage meeting” that can get easy when touring, and just recently we met in Milano, we had many beers and after that

we declared

it was time for action – so we met for rehearsing, writing music, make plans for conquering the world,

AND mostly talking about FOOD,

our favourite obsession.
Surprises will come. Have faith.

KOSTBAR # 017 # Milanese w/ Figli Di Madre Igniota by Kostbar on Mixcloud

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